The Solid Acrylic Powder Collection - 17 Colors

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Our Solid acrylic powder collection will have you feeling your absolute best all day, every day; without the hassle.

Carry the salon in your purse or at home, and enjoy girl’s night even more with a fun and easy manicure routine. Acrylic powders are chip-resistant, stronger, and last longer than a standard manicure or gel polish. You do not need a UV lamp to set the color or topcoat unless you choose to use a gel topcoat.

Candy Coated: Flirty yet sophisticated, this beautiful shade is reminiscent of soft and pearly hard candy, melting in your mouth.

Wild About Mary: Silky soft neutral at its finest. This smooth and calming tone will make a lovely addition to any look, casual or formal.

Teeny Bikini: Whimsical and lovely, this adorable tone is a perfect balance of both delightful, bright, and refreshing color, and soothing, subtle, and tame. Effortlessly versatile; this sweet shade won't let you down.

Café Sass: Smooth and silky hues of soothing cocoa, this lovely color is full of classic charm, perfect for complementing bursts of vibrant tones.

Cobblestone Cove: A touch of moody intrigue surrounds this sleek and sophisticated tone. Pair it with practically any color for a truly spectacular style.

Ebony Colt: Classic and timeless, this dramatic tone of rich ebony will never fail to impress.

Ceramic Kittens: Soft and snowy white, this peaceful color will make a perfect accent to practically any look.

Passionately Pink: Classic and forever beloved, this rich and regal shade is a delight to any outfit.

Touch of an Angel: A beautiful and serene tone, this shade makes a great neutral option whilst still boasting a hint of soft pink & lavender.

Mangoes In Motion: This captivating color captures the very essence of Summer. Quench your thirst for excitement and adventure with this energetic look. Not unlike a heavenly sip of mango juice during a sizzling Summer afternoon.

Blue, Blue Novella: A beautiful blue, just for you. Sweetly sublime, this shade is perfect for creating a striking statement and complementing neutral colors.

Lilypad Sojourner: Take it easy with this soft and subtle shade. A lazy stroll around the garden, or a nap consisting of peacefully melting into the couch; invoke your inner zen with this tranquil color.

Colorful Caricature: Striking and radiant, make a scene of bold and brilliant proportions with this glamorous blue.

Heart Of Glass: A truly moody beauty, this distinctive color is perfect for the posh and elegant minimalist in your life.

Enchanted Cottage: This adorable tone stirs up images of soft and delicate pink tulips, neatly arranged within terracotta pots, placed carefully at the door of a small and whimsical cottage to cheerfully welcome any curious visitors. 

Powder Plumes: Graceful and refined, this beautiful shade is smooth and silky for a gentle touch of color whilst maintaining an utterly zen and peaceful essence.

Juicy Fruits: Rich and tropical, this stunning and adventurous shade of deep purple is the perfect partner to bring out your wild and daring side.

  • LONG LASTING: Enjoy your color for 3-5 weeks without chips or breaks.
  • FAST APPLICATION: Apply in seconds with our special quick-dry formula.
  • ARTISAN COLORS: Unique and stunning colors that you can't find anywhere else.
  • USA BRAND: Orders are shipped from the USA.