Solid Gel Color Collection - 60 Colors

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Our beautiful Gel Polish collection is kind of a big deal. Not only is it easy to apply and remove, but it’s also the highest-pigmented polish available. Because of this, most of our gel nail polishes require only a single thin coat of paint (but don’t worry, we specify below if it requires two).

When used properly with our base coat and finished with our top coat, your natural nails will be protected from everyday chips and scratches; this polish can last for up to 3 three weeks.

Directions: Apply 2 thin coats of gel polish to an already prepped nail with cured base coat. You must apply an extremely thin coat of our gel since it is highly pigmented.

Cure Time: 30 - 60 Seconds (LED) / 60 - 120 Seconds (UV)

Size: 15ML (0.5 Ounce)

Note: Product images may differ from the actual color due to the screen you are viewing our website on. Dye lots may cause color variation.


01: Dreamboat: This sweet and dreamy pastel set would be perfect for both Springtime and Winter events and occasions.

02: Dusk: Simple yet sweet, express your love for melty milk chocolate with this beautiful neutral hue.

03: Burnt Almond: This chic and elegant set is a great pick for those who love neutral tones and effortless versatility; so you can stay on the go in style without the hassle.

04: Coffee Calls: Light and milky like your favorite mug of coffee, this gorgeous neutral set is soothing and straightforward whilst remaining elegant.

05: Eggplant: This charming, muted eggplant hue would make a beautiful addition to your Autumn ensembles.

06: Peaceful Periwinkle: This heavenly hue is oh-so-peaceful; like a flawless, cloudless sky on a crisp Winter's day.

07: Mid-Summer Sky: Missing Summer? Reminisce a little about those long playful days with this perfect shade of mid-summer sky blue.

08: Subtle Cinnamon: Warm and toasty, express your love for all things cozy and classy. This set is utterly perfect for your favorite Autumn styles.

09: Elizabeth's Petticoat: This delicate, mellow set is soft and soothing, and perfectly pleasing to the eye.

10: Lilac Pearl: Silky and subdued, classy and elegant; this charming hue resembles the flawless surface of a pearl.

11: Irresistible Gumdrops: This light plum set would make a great choice for those who enjoy beautiful colors without losing that class factor.

12: Inka's Indigo: Bright and bold without overdoing it; rock this delightful look with neutrals for a truly lovely contrast.

13: Strawberry Scones: This set is the epitome of sweetness with its romantic, rosy hue; and will have you feeling just so.

14: Lipstick Stains: Like the lipstick stains you left on his cheek, let the memories of your time together last forever.

15: Cupcake Frosting: Channel your inner pampered princess with this perfect shade of pink.

16: Snowed Under: Simple yet striking and ever so classy; add a touch of straightforward class to any look with this lovely snowy set.

17: Honeymoon: Like soft and dreamy snow, this lovely neutral set is versatile and effortlessly easy to pair with practically anything.

18: Desert Rose: This super soft nude-pink hue is great for those who enjoy both neutrals and delicate colors.

19: Orange Creamsicle: This beautiful yellow-orange tone is just perfect for Spring, Summer, and even Autumn due to its warm and cheerful essence.

20: Toasted Walnuts: When you need a warm and toasty addition to your everyday styles; consider this sweet and cozy set.

21: Sultry Sage: The cool, earthy sage tones of this gorgeous set will keep you feeling sophisticated and classy with their soft and elegant appearance.

22: Breaking The Ice: This bright, striking hue will have you ready for all of your favorite Winter ensembles. This frosty set pairs well with so many colors and neutrals alike.

23: Donna Noble: This faded turquoise set is moody in the best of ways; a great set for year-round wear.

24: Sky Before The Storm: Rich and warm turquoise, like the sky preceding a dramatic storm.

25: Enchantment: This muted lavender tone is utterly enchanting, not unlike the delicate, translucent wings of a tiny fairy.

26: Garnet Fading: Dusky and dramatic, and oh-so-classy, this gorgeous garnet hue is a wonderful choice for year-round wear.

27: Roasted Cacao: Sweet and rosy cacao, a delicious and irresistible treat. Did we mention it looks beautiful on your nails, too?

28: Chocolate Smothered: This luxuriously deep and rich dark chocolate hue will have you dreaming of melting into a delicious chocolate pool.

29: Livin' La Vida Mocha: This warm milk chocolate set is perfectly dreamy with its chic, neutral hue.

30: Cedar Door: Cool and classy, this unique neutral boasts an effortlessly versatile hue that you can pair with practically anything.

31: Seashell: This faded color is soft and graceful, with just a touch of gentle lavender.

32: Blueberry Milkshake: This sweet and scrumptious set looks just like a delicious, refreshing blueberry milkshake!

33: Solitude: This lovely subdued look is graceful and sophisticated; a great neutral look without foregoing all colors.

34: Morning Fog: When you want to ooze elegant mystery, this set is for you; this beautiful hue is especially fitting during the Winter season.

35: Within The Wilds: Venture through the wild and unknown when you don this chic set.

36: Somewhat Jaded: This positively gorgeous green is effortlessly deep and rich; fit for nobility.

37: Golden Olive: This warm and sunkissed olive hue boasts a gentle yet eye-catching appearance, and will fit perfectly with your favorite Autumn ensembles.

38: Sun Kissed: This beautiful set is positively radiating with sunny, cheerful vibes.

39: Pumpkin Spice: This gorgeous pumpkin hue makes the perfect addition to any Autumn look; rock it during the Summer as well to represent a gorgeous, tropical sunset.

40: Dorothy's Slippers: Rock this regal and glamorous red whenever you want to make a lasting impression; these bold beauties boast a timeless hue. 

41: Caroline: Royal, rich red in a deeper tone; this classic color goes great with everything, you can't go wrong.

42: Maple Syrup Madness: This truly delectable set is deep and majestic like maple syrup across both pancakes and waffles.

43: Divinity: Beautiful burgundy, a classic staple for expressing your bold and glamorous personality.

44: Scarlett's Lipstick: This saucy shade of scarlet will never go out of style.

45: Rose Tinted Glasses: Never be without a stunning set of nails with this rich, gorgeous color.

46: Ruby Roses: Like a bouquet of freshly picked ruby roses, showcase your love of this incredible color.

47: Brazil Nut: This warm and cozy color makes an impressive option for all of your favorite Autumn fashions.

48: Raspberry Milk: Sweet and delicious, and definitely nutritious; this adorable yet graceful hue boasts the color of delicious refreshing raspberry milk.

49: Ballet Slipper: This soothing nude hue is a great pick for both everyday wear and more formal occasions, and can easily be paired beautifully with any other colors.

50: Seafoam Rising: Soft and graceful like bubbling seafoam, this beautiful set strikes an elegant yet peaceful statement.

51: Ocean Depths: The mysterious and dramatic hues of the depths of the ocean, elegantly displayed across your fingertips.

52: Silent Night: Not quite pure black, this majestic, deep navy set boasts the dramatic tones of a silent midnight sky.

53: Caramel Sundae: Cheerful and warm, this charming neutral set is a perfect look for year-round wear.

54: Gingerbread: This deep and delectable hue reminds us of spicy gingerbread; express your love for dramatic and chic elegance without going overboard.

55: Midnight Sailing: A serene and peaceful midnight sky greets your eyes as you gaze up from your trusty sailboat.

56: Black Leather Jacket: You can't go wrong with this classic and always on trend color; these black beauties go with just about anything.

57: Spiced Amber: Enjoy this warm and toasty shade of the most beloved color across the world.

58: Redcurrant: Dark, deep and dramatic burgundy hues; rock these beauties during both Autumn and Winter for a festive yet sophisticated style.

59: Strawberry Jam: Sweet and sticky- don't worry, not really. But this beautiful set reminds us of yummy scrummy strawberry jam!

60: Raspberry Cordial: Bright and bold are what come to mind when setting eyes on this regal, raspberry red set.