Pastel Acrylic Powders Collection - 5 Colors

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Our Pastel acrylic powder collection will have you feeling your absolute best all day, every day; without the hassle.

Carry the salon in your purse or at home, and enjoy girl’s night even more with a fun and easy manicure routine. Acrylic powders are chip-resistant, stronger, and last longer than a standard manicure or gel polish. You do not need a UV lamp to set the color or topcoat unless you choose to use a gel topcoat.

Terrace Of Heavens: Enchanting and endearing, this soft shade conjures up images of peaceful clouds stained pink by a delicate sunset, harmoniously drifting below a sleek marbled terrace.

Clouded Fancies: The perfectly tranquil and gentle backdrop for soft and fluffy clouds, this soothing blue will have you feeling blissful.

Lull Of The Seashore: The mesmerizing drifting of powerful tides, effortlessly rolling in predictable harmony before crashing; an explosion of emerald and blue, cascading against weather-beaten stones.

Coffee With Cream: Velvety soft and sweet as cream, this peaceful tone is reminiscent of a fawn's fuzzy belly.

Little Jade Bird: A tiny, timid creature, crafted of Jade and singing sweet nothings into the wind, withholding not a single note.

  • LONG LASTING: Enjoy your color for 3-5 weeks without chips or breaks.
  • FAST APPLICATION: Apply in seconds with our special quick-dry formula.
  • ARTISAN COLORS: Unique and stunning colors that you can't find anywhere else.
  • USA BRAND: Orders are shipped from the USA