Dream Mermaid Gel Polish Collection - 10 Colors

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This incredible collection is inspired by a shimmering, magical aquatic atmosphere; perfect for invoking your inner mermaid, or when you just need to add a little bit of whimsy to your look.


Dustland Fairytale: You'll feel as if you're wearing dozens of softly shimmering pearls across your fingertips when you don this truly lovely set.

Prancing Pegasus: This beautiful, glimmering hue is a perfect representation of sparkling pegasus' hooves as they prance through the clouds.

Silken Seraphim: Truly magical, this incredible set is similar to both the celestial sky above, and the shimmering ocean waters below.

Nighttime Stroll: Take a soothing stroll during the warm Summer night; the rich, endlessly sparkling stars dazzle in your eyes, lighting up the sky.

Pastel Seashell: This stunning set is perfect for those who want to bring the magic of the beach on the go with them.

Elvish Lullabies: Dreamy and magical, this set was inspired by rays of sunset light dancing across the ocean's surface.

Newborn Unicorn: Effortlessly dazzling, this sweet and dreamy hue is both oh-so-graceful and perfectly soothing.

Mermaid's Menagerie: Coming soon!

Seaglass: Inspired by the stunning sea glass that graces the ocean's shores, this utterly lovely set will add a stunning shimmer to any look.

Stargazer: Inspired by that stunning yet fleeting period of sunrise when the sky becomes a gorgeous pink hue; this beautiful set boasts a stunning addition of shimmering stars.

Tipsy Pixie: With a flirty, playful hue, this gorgeously shimmering set is perfect for spending a fun night out with your besties.

Lavish Lagoon: Coming soon!