Glitter Gel Polish Collection - 27 Colors

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Our stunning Glitter gel collection is pigmented with endlessly shimmering glitter. Made from only healthy, low-odor, and environmentally friendly ingredients; with no harsh materials or adhesives that lead to damaged nails. These beauties offer a variety of gorgeous colors so that you'll never be left wondering what to wear.

When used properly with our base coat and finished with our top coat, your natural nails will be protected from everyday chips and scratches; this polish can last for up to 3 three weeks


Sham Pain: Add a little shimmer to those soothing neutrals; this set is a great fit for any season and practically any look.

Caracal: This rich and cheerful hue is akin to a shimmering sunrise. A gorgeous look, particularly during Summer or Autumn.

Ophelia: This classic cranberry color complete with glimmering glitter will have you feeling posh and poised all night long.

With Passion: Passionate purple polished off with gorgeous glitter; this beauty is bound to be a hit wherever you're headed.

Tidepool: This glitter-dusted blue beauty makes a stunning Summer addition to any ensemble with its vibrant, ocean-inspired appearance.

Coriander: This charming tone boasts a lovely expression of nature, with the addition of sparkling glitter for a touch of glam.

Delaney: We know you'll love this deep, moody blue thanks to its gorgeous shimmer and effortless versatility.

Charismatic Confection: Rosy chocolate and shimmering sparkles; this look almost resembles toasty gingerbread sprinkled with sugar.

Peregrine: Pair this timeless onyx hue with all your favorite styles; this beautiful black set boasts a shimmering surface to step it up a notch.

Arctic Teal: Add a beautiful glint of tantalizing teal to this shimmering, Winter-white set.

Boreal Blue: Add a beautiful glint of beaming blue to this shimmering, Winter-white set.

Polar Purple: Add a beautiful glint of pretty purple to this shimmering, Winter-white set.

Champagne Rain: Keep your styles posh and elegant with this gorgeous champagne hue. Add a little bit of glitter to tie it all together, and you're ready for a chic night out.

Blueberry Soda: Light and bubbly like a delicious and refreshing fizzy soda; add a little pep to your step when you don these sweet blue beauties.

Salamander: This gorgeous, dusty red is both fun and classy, especially when you add endlessly shimmering glitter!

Overcast: Silvery shimmers, almost resembling the beauty of a softly overcast Summer sky; gently speckled with droplets of sparkling rain.

Lioslaith: Stormy yet elegant, this gorgeous gray is perfectly versatile without being boring thanks to the beautiful, sparkling glitter.

Ashen Elk: Pair this lovely, moody hue with matching neutrals, or all of your favorite colors for a striking burst of contrast.

Raspberry Bonnet: Perfectly sweet and perfect for adding soft and gentle color; this lovely raspberry hue makes an excellent addition to any style and any season.

Lynx: Like a milk chocolate lynx speckled with sparkling glitter, this neutral look is both sassy and sophisticated without overwhelming your style.

Kookaburra: This fun and fabulous blue hue shimmers like a tidepool teeming with life. Add a spark to your style with this beautiful look.

Fiona: Rich and regal, this gorgeous purple set is fit for royalty with its majestic hue and sparkling glitter.

Mulberry: This delightful set boasts a chic, versatile hue with a touch of glamour.

Adonis: Shimmers and sparkles dot the surface of this dazzling set. Deep like the midnight sky, create a dramatic and mysterious statement wherever you go.

Strawberry Stars: If you're a fan of timeless glamour, this gorgeous set is for you. Rich and luxurious, these beauties are akin to a strawberry sky scattered with twinkling stars.

Umbra: Dark and dramatic, this beautiful deep slate hue is adorned with twinkling glitter to keep it effortlessly chic.

The Silver Hare: This classic silver set is perfect for so many occasions. With effortless versatility, you can rock these beauties during any season or event.

Pixie Dusted: This sweetly sparkling pink hue makes a great addition to your favorite Spring time ensembles.

Chestnut: Toasty and cozy, this gorgeous look is enveloped in dazzling glitter, so you can boast a little bit of chic with your neutrals.

Tropicana: Invoke your inner mermaid with this burst of striking blue, bound to keep a pep in your step wherever you're headed.

Our Eyes Met: Fun and sparkly, it's impossible to be down whilst wearing this lighthearted purple tone.

Woodnymph: Rock these deep mauve beauties during all of your favorite events; topped off with sparkling glitter to tie the whole look together.

Academia: With deep navy blue and endlessly sparkling glitter, this bold yet elegant set radiates both feminine grace and power alike.

Tinsel: Flaunt timeless elegance with rich, sparkling ruby red hues that will have you effortlessly dressed to impress.

Zenith: A hazy storm of soft smokey gray, artfully graced by sparkling glitter.

Dreamsicle: As soft and soothing as a sweet dreamsicle on a hot, Summer day, this charming color will pair beautifully with so many colors and styles.

Pembroke: Super sweet and utterly precious, this beautiful pale peach hue boasts softly sparkling glitter.

Flamingo: This gorgeous shade of pink is reminiscent of an elegant flamingo; show off your classy elegance with this silky soft and timeless hue.

Peachy Keen: This sweet and cheerful peach hue will have you feeling perfectly peachy-keen all day long!

Party Piglet: This cheerful and charming pink hue would make an excellent addition to a Spring time garden party ensemble. ...Or with your favorite jeans and tees!

Butternut Squash: This lovely look boasts a delicate balance of neutral and soft, graceful color. A great addition to any occasion thanks to its gentle versatility.